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The year 2007 has present it very imposingly - the dependency from the raw material "oil". Exhaustible raw materials will be used as "cue ball".

On this account are evolutions from renewable primary products very importend for the future.

Our contemporary issue is biological waste (for example gras, garden rubbish). A special theme is horse dung. All materials wood be processed by our plant. Addicted from the way of machining will be reached different results:
  • Dung
  • Humus
  • Turf
  • Briquette
All this could be sold - the briquette could also be used as material for block heat and power plant for making electricity or heat, for selling or own using (commune use heat for swimming bath, horse satbles used electricity and heat).

The fuel value from the briquettes is equivalent the fuel value from brown coal.

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